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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Flares: Lady Gaga - Born This Way

Took some time but here it is. The album of the year. the album of the decade. We all been waiting for this. The anticipation killing us. With normal album release, it will be magazine covers, a few interviews and a few live performance. But not for Gaga as she feeds her fans one by one, starting with the album name at last year MTV Video Music Awards, and the song You And I, then at New Year the release date, next came the Single, Born This Way, and then came the Album cover, and then Gagavision came back, one by one, we wait. Even the release of the album was did with style, partnering with Zynga, Starbucks, mobile company and so much more. She needs everyone to hear this so all the perception of her being a bad person and not talented and all the haters will shattered down. Because this is a damn good album.....

It starts with the infectious church bells of the song Marry The Night that is about her husband, New York. It's a great way of starting the album, giving people a peek of what there going to hear in the next 1 hour. Then we go the track, Born This Way which garnered a lot of publicity for sounding like a Madonna track and the music video with unicorns, G.O.A.T.s, and scull tattooed man. But many forgetting how successful the track toping the chart for six weeks straight and went onto break the record for the fastest selling song in iTunes history, selling a million copies worldwide in five days. And thats not even quoted by Gaga herself, "not the best track on the album." It kept us waiting for another song, then Judas came out. But before I talk about that, the next track on the album is Government Hooker. It's a great track very catchy actually and I like it more because of the meaning. About how we run our life based on what people told us to do and what other people does we just have to follow. The true message of the song is about being yourself and rather than follow other people, you should be the one people follow. People talk about, "Ohhh...that's not cool." Well don't care about them cause your set your own trend.

Then we go to the track that is not really about religious, where Judas is really just a metaphor. But it was shut down by radio and people don't like it. But I could admit it is one my favorites of the album. Actually one of my favorite lyrics by gaga in her whole catalogue. The part....

In the most Biblical sense,
I am beyond repentance
Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense
I just speak in future tense
Judas kiss me if offense,
Just wear ear condom next time

......kills me everytime. The song is really about appreciating the dark side of yourself. The part where if like Lady Gaga when she does something, people call her fame hooker and prostitute wench. Where she is really real and honest about her work. Because she just one to spread live in the world and if you don't care or hate her just wear an 'ear condom'.

If you ask me what is my fave of the album, it will be track 4, 5, 6. Arrange quite good. Track four is Judas. And track 5 is Americano. And by reading a lot of forums and tweets, is also apparently a fan favorite. I like the song starts soft and go on to be a Mexican fiesta by the end and my favorite part of course have to be...

Don't you try to catch me
Don't you try to catch me
No, no, no, no
I'm living on the edge of
Living on the edge
Of the law, law, law, law
Don't you try to catch me
Don't you try to get me
No, no, no, no
Don't you try to catch me
I'm living on the edge of the law
law, law, law's like the peak of the song and yet also the ending, keep me anticipate it everytime I play the song. The song is about illegal love marriage and runaway love. And this song suits perfectly with the song Highway Unicorn (Road 2 Love) [more on that later.....] Next is the song that was release by the Queen just a week before the album release. The first time I heard it at 5.00 am (just for Gaga), I fall in love. I'm sure this sound speaks to every teenagers in the world. And if she told us the fans will choose the fourth single of the album, I will vote for this. This is my JAM. Listen to the verse till the end, it's the best part of the song. Her rock rust voice is to die for. And some hate the sax in the song but I like every little touch up to the song, it's perfect.

Next will go to Scheiße, an interesting add to album. The German electronica song will totally turn heads, I have nothing ti say about it but interesting indeed and its also a fan favorite. Bloody Mary is a ghostly song living up to it's name. I'm not sure what's the song is about but it's extremely catchy. Bad Kids, it was let's say it was not my favorite during the first listens. I guess it's probably the gaga talk at the beginning that made me press skip for this song. But I like the chorus a lot. And once you got the hang to it it's a good song.

Then we'll go to the song that I say is a great continuum to the song Americano. After you got illegally married you run away with a Unicorn on the Road to Love. Another standout for me love the concept and beautifully produced by Gaga, RedOne, Fernando Garibay and DJ White Shadow. And the part "Get Your Hot Rods, Ready To Rumble" kills me everytime. Again she show off her rock voice. Love it.

C'mon any song that starts with, "I want your whiskey mouth, all over my blonde south." is a sign of a good song. And it is. But something that surprised me about the song was the title. When I saw Heavy Metal Lover in the track list I though it would full out Rock. But it actually nice simple and not heavy on the lyrics.

Electric Chapel. The 'illuminati' song I think people would say. She is literally singing "follow me, don't be a holly fool." But I don't think so. I think the message is more about if you want to be free then you should follow her because she is all about freedom. I really love she created the concept Electric Chapel. The safe place where fans can go to feel accepted. I really think that's what her next tour should be call. "Electric Chapel World Tour."

You And I. We been waiting for the studio version of the album for more than a year already. And it comes with an extra bridge and the famous bum-bum-clap. Some like the more simple live version because this version is overly produce. but I think it should be overly produce because it will fits with the album a lot of better. This is basically the only real ballad in the album so that have to improvise. Still it's a good track either wise and really shows off her vocal skills.

The Edge Of Glory. A song that glued everything together for the album. A song about celebrating life and saying to yourself "You know what, I did a hell good job." A Gaga should be proud of herself, she did a immense loads of work for us, the little monsters. Ohh and Billboard also choose this song for Summer Song of The Year. So we set for the summer and it's all good.

The worst thing that can kill an artist is anticipation but even with being the biggest hype album ever in these past years, she still fully delivers it. This album brought back generation of epic albums from the 70's and 80's.
And I feel that Rolling Stone's should revised their list of 1001 albums you must hear before you die because Born This Way deserves to be in it with the legends.

Based on Critics - 36/50
Based on Public - 50/50
Based on Hype - 50/50, should be 100/50, it was tremendously hype.
Based on Pop Flares - 50/50


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